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Our Priests

“He made them, the vicars of his love.”
St Ambrose
“The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
St John Marie Vianney

Fr Janusz Kopec

Fr Janusz Kopec is from Upper Silesia, Poland and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Katowice on 14th May 1994.  He became a priest in response to the beauty of the Gospel, that is the best idea for the life and beauty of the Church.

Fr Kopec came to Blackpool as Parochial Administrator of Cuthbert’s, Lytham Road in September 2015 through the Polish Catholic Mission and the Bishop of Lancaster having previously being appointed to Jersey. In September 2017, Fr Kopec was also appointed to the office of Parochial Administrator of St John Vianney & St Monica’s Parish. He is also in charge of the Polish Catholic Mission for Blackpool and the Fylde based at St Cuthbert’s.

When asked what Fr Kopec most loved about being a priest he described this as the celebration of the Eucharist.

Fr Kopec’s favourite saint is Charles de Foucauld and his hobbies are: mountain hiking, books, listening to music and watching a good film.

Canon Tim Sullivan

Fr Tim Sullivan was ordained priest on 31st May 1959 at St Peter’s College, Wexford, Ireland. He received his secondary education from the Christian Brothers in Belfast. He was ordained for the Diocese of Lancaster, England and was first appointed, as a summer placement, to Our Lady and St Joseph, Carlisle. After that he was appointed to parishes in Preston and then to Holy Family parish in Blackpool.

From 1966-1976 he served in the diocese of Monze, Zambia, serving parishes mostly in Choma and Maamba. Back in UK he was Secretary to the National Liturgy Commission for England and Wales before returning to the diocese as Parish Priest in Christ the King, Carlisle in 1981. 

From there he served in several other parishes until in 2017 he was appointed as an assistant priest at St John Vianney.

He explains he is happy to be back in Blackpool although it is much changed from the 1960s. He loves its variety, the visitors and the beautiful promenade and long stretch of sands.

When asked who is his favourite saint, he said, ‘It used to be St Patrick; now of course it’s John Vianney!

Fr Daniel Etienne

Fr Daniel Etienne comes from Jersey in the Channel Islands and the appointment to St John Vianney & St Monica’s Parish and to  St Cuthbert’s are his first since his ordination on 1st July 2017 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Lancaster.  

Fr Etienne served at the Altar and assisted the Priests at Mass, the Sacraments and Benediction as a boy and so witnessed the work of the priest, the work of Christ. Such priestly examples lead Fr Etienne himself to consider serving the Lord as His priest.

In 2008 Fr Etienne left Jersey for Lancaster and Lancaster University to study History. Whist in Lancaster the opportunity arose to further and fully discern a vocation to the Priesthood before studying at the Venerable English College Rome and St Mary’s, Oscott. Whilst in formation Fr Etienne learned much about our diocese through numerous pastoral placements.

Among his favourite Saints is St Francis de Sales who Fr Etienne has always had a devotion to but particularly as the Patron of his Priesthood, for his zeal and for the great emphasis he placed on everyday holiness and the doing the Will of God in everything, this would later be what the Second Vatican Council called ‘The Universal Call to Holiness’

'O Priest! You are not yourself because you are God. You are not of yourself because you are the servant and minister of Christ. You are not you own because you are the spouse of the Church. You are not yourself because you are the mediator between God and man. You are not from yourself because you are nothing. What then are you? Nothing and everything. O Priest! Take care lest what was said to Christ on the cross be said to you: "He saved others, himself he cannot save!" St Norbert
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