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First Confession & First Holy Communion

Preparation for First Holy Communion is not only for the children – it is mainly for the parents who promised at their Baptism to train them in the practice of the faith.

On Sundays parents are be expected to accompany their children to Mass so that they will become familiar with what Mass is about and share with their families.

Enrolment for 1st Confession & 1st Holy Communion are celebrated with children of year 3 age and older. If your child does not attend St John Vianney’s Primary School or St Cuthbert’s Primary School please contact one of the priests who would be happy to direct how we will prepare your child for these Sacraments. 

Forms for enrolment are available at the back of Church and forms must be returned by Friday 16th November 2018, prior to the enrolment Mass held on 25th November at the regular 11am Mass.

Preparation is lead by the parish clergy and animated both by teachers from St John Vianney’s School with after-school sessions on a Monday. It is also animated by Parish catechists on Sunday mornings after 11am Mass. These Sunday sessions are often accompanied by sessions to encourage parents to aid their child’s preparation. Attendance at Mass regularly is also vital to determining a child’s readiness to receive the sacraments and so attendance is tracked. 

No-one (lay or cleric) works alone (without another adult being present) with children and young people in the parish and all diocesan and national safeguarding policies and procedures are strictly followed.

Please remember that Children’s Liturgy of the Word is available on most Sundays of the year for children to look at the Gospel with other children – please ask them about what they spoke about and share what you heard in the Gospel that day at Mass too.

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